Help make streets safer for all users by obtaining comments from the community.

The VeloHound map shows safety report locations through icons that are created when app users submit the safety reports. Icons are identified by the type of mode the user provides. Clicking on the icons opens the safety report. Each safety report shows information provided and a link to the VeloHound discussion board.

Users can Like the report and can also flag it. When reports are flagged VeloHound will be notified and the report will be reviewed according to user guidelines.

Public safety can greatly benefit from public comments. The discussion board permits collection of comments from cyclists and others who are familiar with particular locations. It is not required for a person to have access to the VeloHound app to add comments to the discussion board but it is required for a person to sign up on the forum. Here is the forum.

Hi, my name is Gonzalo Camacho.  I am a life-time bicyclists and professional engineer with expertise in traffic and transportation engineering.  Designing streets for the use of bicyclist must be one of the most challenging engineering tasks – can you imagine how our streets would look like if they were in fact designed for bicyclists?  To do this we need to understand the cyclists (who are we designing for); for this we need data.

The VeloHound app is an endeavor that evolved from collaborative work with Dr. Randy Machemehl from the University of Texas and the City of Austin Public Works Department that helped sponsor the VeloTexas Bicycle Safety Conference in 2012 and 2013.  Comments from Dr. Machemehl at VeloTexas 2012.

Ameet Sharma, a UT gradate, is the app developer. Ameet has done a great job in creating simple and robust app that is used for gathering critical information in understanding street safety and user characteristic.

when app users submit a Safety Report the report is geocoded on the VeloHound map.  Geocoding of comments are initial steps in identifying street areas that may be unsafe.  Taking corrective action may prevent future crashes.

Origin-destination trips are critical in learning routes that bicyclists like to use.  By improving safety and efficiency along these routes and expanding on them is the building block to safer streets and making bicycling a great experience.